The Importance of Spiritual Growth

For as long as I can remember I have been a go getter. I love to try new things, check items off my bucket list, explore, learn and enquire. I am a curious being and can easily get bored if I begin to feel that I am stagnating. Since embarking on my more conscious spiritual journey this life, I now fully appreciate the importance of growth. When we change and grow, life takes us to even higher heights. There is a price however, as this comes at a cost. Let me explain... The more you grow, understandably the more you OUT grow. Be that jobs, relationships and interests. This can be tricky at first as you may believe you have to commit to some or all of these things for a certain period of time or even for life! But when you begin to let go of this notion, you soon realise that jobs come and go as do people and things. Learning to detach can seem abrupt or even harsh to some. But there is an art in detachment. If we hold onto something or someone for longer than necessary, we risk holding our own growth back. Not only is this at a disservice to yourself first and foremost, but it is also at a disservice to the other. I believe our main purpose in life is to grow and evolve, especially in love. This is the one thing that I value the most and that I seek in those I choose to journey alongside. When I’m in times of discomfort, I remind myself that this is where the growth happens as I continue to strive toward becoming a more deeply loving human being. If growth is your main goal, then be sure to let nothing and no one hold you back! You’ve got this!

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