Letting Go

My biggest struggle in life. What to hold onto and for how long and when do I simply need to let go?! This applies to all facets of life. Things, emotions, people... why do we struggle to let go, to embrace change and uncertainty and to just trust? We clasp onto things as though we are on a sinking ship and that’s our life raft. We hang onto the known despite the fact we have often outgrown it or no longer need it in our life. But it is familiar. Or we are told to never let go. Or there is an expectation that we hold on, because wait for it, that’s just what you do. Then there’s the saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But where is the growth in that? What would happen if you tried something different and it actually worked? What would happen if it didn’t? Either way there is learning and growth. Isn’t that what we are here on Earth for? What would happen if you let everything go. Not in an irresponsible, don’t pay your bills or clean your house kind of way, rather if you simply let go of attachment to things? Let go of the need to control, let go of planning everything to a tee and let go of being attached to the outcome? Imagine the exhilaration and the freedom you would experience? The spontaneity and joy?! The lightness of spirit! We humans hold onto too much for too long. This is not a new concept or pattern but what will it take for you to break free from it? For me it’s writing, a swim in the ocean, going for a walk in nature and looking up at the stars. Basically just getting to a point of not giving a f@*! We are so significant yet insignificant all at the same time. Stop. Breathe. Be. Let go.

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