No More Waves For Me

I’m not talking about the ocean, as I love to surf, rather I mean no more microwave exposure.

When I moved interstate 4 years ago, I sold or gave away the majority of my furniture belongings as I had only my car and a trailer to move myself. I sold my microwave and made the conscious decision to not buy a new one unless I felt I absolutely needed it.

I had been pondering this for some time as I became curious on the effects of microwaves on our health. A bit of research into this area turned up a lot of grey zones and unknowns.

Whenever there is inconclusive evidence, I prefer to err on the side of cautious. So as I became more and more heath conscious, it seemed like a good step to be making and now 4 years on I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I haven’t missed the microwave and can even see how much better I eat as a result too, for it means preparing quick, simple, nutritious meals through other methods. I have never looked back.

Growing up in a household where the microwave was a frequently used device in the kitchen, I have enjoyed the challenge of learning new and in my opinion, better ways of heating my food. If you are wondering if you can live without your microwave, I encourage you to give it a go as you might just surprise yourself!

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