The Power of Honesty!

Do you believe yourself to be an honest human being? Do you pay your taxes? Do you tell your parents you love them? Do you keep your boss happy by telling them how good they are looking? How about you tell a stranger they have some food stuck in their teeth when they smile at you? Do you admit to picking your nose? Do you tell your partner that they are not meeting your needs because they have changed over time, rather than just nag at them to do some more chores?

There are tiers of honesty as I have come to learn, because not saying something, can also be a form of dishonesty. So many of us have been taught that honesty means to tell others what they want to hear, because what happens when we speak our truth? We hurt someone, get told we are wrong or are punished in some way. This then results in us, shutting up, suppressing our truth (because who really determines what is right or wrong?) and inadvertently we are being dishonest.

Why not applaud children for speaking their truth and ask questions to further understand why it is they said what they said? We are born honest beings yet over time we are taught how to lie, cheat, suppress and silence ourselves, all forms of dishonesty. It can be uncomfortable to share your honest opinion in fear of being shut down, criticised or misunderstood. It can be scary to make a stand only to find out later that you were wrong. But by not doing these things, we are ultimately preventing others from learning and depriving them of the opportunity to change and grow and we are harming ourselves by creating dis-ease within our bodies.

Do you suffer from frequent sore throats? Then I urge you to reflect where in your life you are being dishonest and address that immediately. Because I guarantee when you do, your sore throats will diminish and you'll begin to find more wellness in your life. So for the sake of your honest!

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