Freedom of Choice

Fortunate enough to live in a democratic society (although I accept it has its fair share of issues), technically we live here in the first world with freedom of speech and choice. Some may argue are choices are limited, but when you really hone in on your sphere of influence, we have the ability and I would say luxury, to may millions of choices a day.

Let me explain... We can choose if and when to get out of bed, what we are going to wear, if we are going to eat breakfast and what that may consist of. We choose what we want to do for work and how we are going to get there. We choose if we want to get married and if we want to have children. We choose where we want to live and how we fill our weekends...the list goes on.

Now some may argue they can't choose where they want to live or how they want to earn an income, but I would challenge that also. Because they can choose to change and of course to do something differently to increase their range of choices. It saddens and can often frustrate me to hear others complain about what they can or can't do. We need to take our power back and realise that we are responsible and accountable for how we live our life and that we do have freedom of choice!

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