Why I Don't Wear Black...

About 5 years ago now I vowed to stop buying black articles of clothing. I did a massive overhaul of my closet (which was predominantly black) and made a serious attempt to begin to introduce more colour into my world. Beginning on my spiritual journey I was learning about the importance of colour and the energy attached to the colours you wear which impacts upon how you feel. At first I struggled, working in a corporate job...I had the black suit, black skirts, black tops and of course the LBD (little black dress). I had black accessories, black shoes and black lingerie. As I begun to wear more colour however, I noted how much brighter I would feel on the inside also! Gradually phasing out my black clothing, there were some black items I was determined not to part with. However as time went on, I noticed that I seldom choose these clothes to wear, or when I did, it was a reflection of my mood at the time; down, flat, grumpy, annoyed, or depressed. Finding this an interesting observation, as black had previously dominated my wardrobe, I then experimented with intentionally choosing the coloured clothing when I instinctively reached for the black and noticed how more uplifted I felt. Then there was the compliments...people seem to take more notice and make a mention of your outfit when it’s colourful. They are more drawn to you! So now around 5 years on I can no longer wear black...or red for the matter. I urge you to think of what colours you wear and why. But more importantly notice how the colour you’re wearing makes you feel!!!

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