Mindful Eating

There is a big difference between mindful eating and dieting, as well as a difference between emotional eating and eating out of a physical need for energy. I am a big believer in the fact that if you are in tune with your emotions, you will hopefully be eating mindfully and therefore be at your ideal body weight. Part of being in tune with your emotions, includes a level of self-respect and self-love, which ultimately leads to you wanting to put only nutritious foods into your body. Our relationship with food is a reflection of our environment and attitudes toward ourselves. By educating yourself to deepen your understanding of where your food comes from, what your body requires for optimal functioning, then checking in regularly to how you feel and into what your body actually wants/needs, will help you become more aware of the pleasures of food and nourishing your body accordingly. There are also associated health benefits with eating mindfully, which include: reduced stress; improved digestive functioning; reduced likelihood of overeating therefore remaining at your optimal weight and the unlikelihood of experiencing weight gain. Chewing is also an important part of mindful eating, as the mouth is where the beginning of digestion occurs. The more thorough you chew, the better able your body is to absorb the nutrients from your food and the easier your food will be digested, putting less stress on your metabolism and body. By choosing wisely what goes on your plate, eliminating distractions, allowing your hunger state to guide you, being prepared and preparing meals with love, as well as savouring your food, is a great way to start eating more mindfully. Simply by slowing down, taking a breath, acknowledging your body’s responses to what you eat, and understanding the importance of food without overindulging or eating foods that provide little nourishment, is what mindful eating is all about. Lastly, gratitude also comes into mindful eating, so I recommend taking the time to be thankful for each meal you have and give recognition to what it took to reach your plate. Practising mindfulness while eating each day will encourage healthy eating practices and lead to improved daily habits. By eating more mindfully, you will begin to live more mindfully, opening your life up to a greater level of freedom, peace and joy! Remember to nourish the temple that contains your spirit, every time you choose to eat! Want to know more? Contact me www.wholisticalignment.com.au

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