Yoga Practice

how CAN I CONNECT you?

In our busy lives, it is often easy to focus on life and those around us, rather than on ourselves. It usually takes a chronic or critical condition to present, that will finally force you to find a better state of wellness in your own life.

Some of the areas that I can help you in are:

 - Spiritual Counselling

 - Pre-marriage counselling

 - Prenatal yoga

 - Parenting challenges

 - Wholistic massage

 - Emotional blocks & challenges

 - Wellbeing resets

 - Connecting you to other holistic practitioners


Organisations I am affiliated with:



What some of my clients have had to say...

Yin Yoga


Nicola's gentle attentive support allows a space of nourishing reflective practice where it's ok to just 'be' with your body, emotions, mind and spirit. I felt comfortable immediately - unlike some other types of yoga where I felt like I had to get the 'form' right - yin yoga holds me in a space of trust as I find the 'form' that is right for me and my body. I feel balanced, calm and centered when I leave the class - a stark contrast to my post corporate 'stress to the max' mode when I walk in! Nicola is a relaxed and welcoming guide for those wanting to try something new and also offers challenges for those who are ready. See you in class! -Sonia

Wholistic Massage

Nicola is a beautiful practitioner with a gently knowing and loving touch. During the treatment I felt very comfortable. Nicola created safe and nurturing environment of trust. Hence I was able to completely let go, possibly with a snore or two, and received the full benefit of Nicola's massage. I feel very fortunate to have been on Nicola's treatment table and I can't wait to be there again! -Bronwyn

Concomitant Healing

Before being introduced to Nicola’s concomitant healing methodology, I was unaware about the how our emotional issues or physical problems can really affect the flow of energy throughout our body. From the moment I walked into Nicola’s warm, friendly and welcoming home, I was instantly relaxed, at ease, comfortable and was ready and open to a new experience.

Nicola quickly identified emotional areas of my life that I needed addressing and was able to guide me through this and encourage resolve and advice for me. Tension that I have carried throughout my upper body is evidently less and there is a feeling of “being lighter” all over. I feel more present and am more aware now of how our emotions can affect holistic well-being. Concomitant healing is definitely something I will continue to practice with Nicola given the level of “emotional release” and sense of “presence” I have since been feeling. -Cathy